Generator to get value of key from any dictionary(json)

This will return list of value that matches to key we provided. This will accept only json/dict, if not then need to json.loads(str) to make dict.

def search_value_from_json(json_str="This could be a json/dict", search_key="what to search from given json/dict"):
if search_key in json_str:
yield json_str[search_key]
for key in json_str:
if isinstance(json_str[key], dict):
for searched_key in search_value_from_json(json_str[key],search_key):
yield searched_key

elif isinstance(json_str[key], list):
for item in json_str[key]:
for searched_key in search_value_from_json(item,search_key):
yield searched_key

list_value = list(search_value_from_json(json_str, key_to_find))

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