How to mount shared folder of windows in virtual box

* Install Virtual box
* Install Centos/RHEL or any
* Install Guest Addition
* Now make share of windows folder that you want to mount.
* Now go to virtual box, right click on share folder icon (That is right bottom of virtual box windows), select browse. locate windows share folder(c:\trunk), give name of share (trunk), make that permanent.
* Create mount point in virtual box (Where you want to mount)
mkdir /root/trunk
* run this command now from virtual box command prompt
[root@nathcorp ~]# mount -t vboxsf trunk /root/trunk/
mount: unknown filesystem type ‘vboxsf’
so here is issue with vboxsf file type.
* verify that this file system is available in /sbin using below
[root@nathcorp ~]# ls /sbin/
there must be a ” mount.vboxsf” file. Other than that lot of other file types available like…
mount.cifs mount.fuse mount.ntfs
mount.ecryptfs mount.nfs mount.ntfs-3g
mount.ecryptfs_private mount.nfs4 mount.vboxsf

* if above ” mount.vboxsf” is not there then please install virtual box guest addition carefully without any fail.
* Once ” mount.vboxsf” shows then use again mount command
[root@nathcorp ~]# [root@nathcorp ~]# /sbin/mount.vboxsf -rw trunk /root/trunk/
This command should run without message.
* Now you are done
* Go to mount point dir (/root/trunk)
* list it (ls -l)

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