Svn Update using Apache user.

Found that the password being asked is for APACHE user and not for Root so the password being sent isn’t matching. Since the apache account isn’t enabled, it doesn’t have a password. So the possible workaround would be to enable the account and create a password for it. This way the SVN update should begin to work again.
Googled for Apache user enabling, enable any user etc but all I got was the Apache should be enabled by auto. Further googling showed that the users are stored in /etc/passwd file. Found a webpage asking to check status of Apache users. Did
Cat /etc/passwd and got this as given below.
dbus:x:81:81:System message bus:/:/sbin/nologin
nscd:x:28:28:NSCD Daemon:/:/sbin/nologin
vcsa:x:69:69:virtual console memory owner:/dev:/sbin/nologin
rpc:x:32:32:Portmapper RPC user:/:/sbin/nologin
avahi:x:70:70:Avahi daemon:/:/sbin/nologin
apache:x:48:48:Apache:/var/www: /sbin/nologin
rpcuser:x:29:29:RPC Service User:/var/lib/nfs:/sbin/nologin
nfsnobody:x:4294967294:4294967294:Anonymous NFS User:/var/lib/nfs:/sbin/nologin

Since it shows /sbin/nologin – this shows account is disabled from here. Did a VI to this file and changed the default prompt to bin/bash.
Then when I did a su – apache I was able to see the bash prompt.

[root@INDIAQA5 html]# su – apache
-bash-3.2$ pwd
This showed that using Apache user I could not created directories in this directory and checkout SVN in it. So executed following sequence of commands.
Mkdir trunk
Svn co svn.s://svn.s/trunk /var/www/trunk
When I checked out SVN, the SVN repository asked for authentication. Gave the Simplex agenti authentication details and the check out worked 

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